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Krabi Town – Calm, clean, orderly and the hospital was ok too

May 31, 2013

We were only planning on staying in Krabi for a couple of days before heading off to Koh Samui but we ended up having to extend our stay due to an incident at the hotel pool with Amelie.  We were practicing swimming again with the girls when it happened…. (But first a short aside from proud parents/part-time swim instructors: Lucia has gone from jumping in to the swimming pool and sinking right to the bottom in Bangkok to now being able to jump in…..swim several meters under water….pick up an object from the bottom of the pool…swim to the surface and then front crawl to the other side.  Amelie is not far behind.)   Now back to what happened that day in the pool in Krabi….after a long practice session, Katharina broke one of the cardinal pool rules (no horseplay) and started tickling Amelie.  Good thing it wasn’t Daddy this time, or he would have been in trouble!  🙂

As the two of them played and tickled one another in the pool, Amelie abruptly turned for cover, slipped and hit her lip on the edge of the pool steps.  The ensuing cries made it clear that this was serious; Amelie’s lip had been split at the bottom with a gash that looked big and wide enough, along with a respectable amount of blood, that we decided to take her to the hospital to have it looked at and see if stitches would be required.  The hotel was gracious enough to set us up with transport and even had the driver wait at the hospital for us while we went in to the emergency room.

The hotel’s driver took us to a public hospital so it was a bit different than our last experience with the hospital care in Thailand back in 2001 where we ended up in a very posh private hospital (well kept resort-like grounds, private swimming pool, no queus for anything etc.) where Katharina was put on an IV to combat the dehydration that we had misdiagnosed as a”possibly deadly” tropical disease.  What we saw this time around was definitely a “working hospital” with ambulances coming in at a steady pace bringing in all kinds of injured and elderly patients.  The hospital was a bit run down and dirty by our standards – but the wait wasn’t too long and soon Amelie came out with three stitches and a big bandage.  Katharina was in the room with her when she got her stitches and was very impressed by how brave Amelie was throughout the whole thing – not one tear or complaint during the entire hospital visit!  Still, of course Amelie was pretty tuckered out and just wanted to go back to the hotel room where she fell asleep immediately.  That night, after both girls were in bed, Mommy began to feel the stress of the evening’s incident and worried about whether Amelie had gotten the appropriate care for her wound.  Were the stitches done well?  Should we go to a private hospital for follow-up rather than back to this hospital daily for cleaning and check up as we had been asked to do?  Was it appropriate to prescribe antibiotics? etc.

Well, a good night’s sleep helped both Amelie and Mommy.  When Amelie woke up feeling a great deal better, so did Mommy.  After receiving some helpful advice and reassurance from our nurse friends back home, we decided to stick it out with the public hospital here in Krabi.  Amelie completed a full course of antibiotics and we went back for several check-ups and dressing changes at the hospital.  This ended up being a time-consuming process between hospital waits and challenges arranging transportation to and from the hospital.  Though the hotel did provide us with their driver whenever we left from there, it was unusually difficult to find a taxi or tuk tuk anywhere else in town.  The motorbike taxis were prevalent but definitely not a safe option for us, so we either walked a little further than we might like or learned to wait for the local public transport sorng-tau (small pick-ups with two benches in the back for passengers).

So, between the daily hospital visits and the healing time for Amelie we didn’t venture out to far, or too often, from our hotel.  Most of the time was spent watching Swiss Family Robinson episodes, doing school work, and reading to Amelie while Lucia went swimming with Brad as little Miss Ami had to stay out of the pool and ocean while her lip healed.  Thankfully, our hotel was a lovely place to rest, offering a delicious breakfast buffet that included freshly ground coffee, the pool and courtyard was beautiful for those who could use it, the rooftop restaurant provided amazing views of the angular limestone karsts jutting along the horizon…. and the computer in the lobby was the best we’ve used so far in Thailand and kicks butt on our little laptop.  That alone seemed like reason enough to stay a little longer.

Krabi Town certainly did capture a spot in our hearts though – it is so quiet and calm compared to anywhere else we have been.  It is also very clean and orderly, shockingly so in comparison to everywhere else – clearly the government has got involved in some fashion.  Everyone seems to know everybody else here: when we couldn’t find a taxi, one of the staff from the little cafe we frequented ran across the steet to find a ride for us…our chauffeur was her brother.  Just down the street where we liked to have an ice cream, we could always find the local shop’s good friend, an interesting Dutch retiree who spent his life working around the globe but now settling here.  Just up the road, at our favorite hip restaurant, we enjoyed chatting with the Italian businessman turned restauranteur, who together with his Thai wife and three children had become tired of their stressful lives in Hong Kong, where now building a simpler life and a successful restaurant here in Krabi.  Our girls were always mezmerized by their children as they ‘helped’ their parents in the restaurant, the oldest all while on rollerblades.  Very impressive!

Anyway, it was a nice place to have to stop unexpectably….and most importantly, Amelie is back to her smiling -self!



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  1. Martin permalink

    Great story Brad! You are an excellent writer. I’m very glad it has such a happy ending. Poor little Amelie (and her mother)!.

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