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Hua Hin Beach Resort Town

April 26, 2013

We took the train from Bangkok down to Hua Hin – a beach resort on the east coast of Thailand. Much of the 5 hour train ride was spent just getting through Bangkok.  After playing many rounds of ‘I spy with my little eye’, we talked about what the girls had learned about Thailand in their first few days.  It was amazing what they came up with on their own, noting differences not just to Canada but also to Japan.

The SongKram festival was nearing its end, so the trains were busy as Thais travelled back home after visits with their family.  For this reason, we weren’t able to get an air conditioned car on the train … so suffered a bit in the heat.  Still, the train ride was quite interesting.  With SongKram not yet over, we witnessed the streets alive with water fights in each town we passed through.  We even got ‘shot’ once through an open window, which actually felt very refreshing in the hot train.  Rice fields, farmers fertilizing their fields by hand, waterfowl, lifestock roaming freely, and interesting mountain ranges provided entertaining landscapes during the trip.   

We checked into our hotel, and headed out to explore the town.   The town, while still bustling, is a very welcome reprieve from the hectic pace in both Tokyo and Bangkok.

The oppressive heat sent us shuffling lethargically through the streets towards the first beach experience on our trip.  With temperatures hitting at least 35 degrees daily, we had to revise our traditionally fast Canadian walk, and simply creep along as best as we could manage.  The girls of course tiring even more easily than the parents, had to be carried quite often.  This became known as the ‘daddy taxi’ (which was more often used than the more easily-fatigued ‘mommy taxi’).  In exchange for a ride, Lucia sometimes offered ‘air-conditioning’ to the taxi

The girls had a great time exploring the ocean and beach and quickly built an acquarium in the sand and filled it with dozens of hermit crabs and a starfish (which accidently became crab food – ahhh the life lessons our girls are learning on this trip – smile).

Another lesson we taught our girls was the importance of wearing sun screen.  We liberally applied sunscreen to the girls, but we (the parents) ended up getting distracted by the girls excitement and forgot to sunscreen our Canadian winterized translucent flesh and scorched ourselves horribly on the first day at the beach.  Many bottles of Aloe Vera aftersun cream (I think we went through 4), and much whining, awaited us over the next few days.  Another lesson learned for the entire family.

Highlights of Hua Hin

  • THE BEACH!  It was the first beach experience for the girls ever… and learning how to dig for clams, capturing hermit crabs, finding starfish and starting an ever expanding sea shell collection was the name of the game.
  • Brad headed down to a Muay Thai fight after the rest of the family was in bed.  It wasn’t what one would call an “authentic” experience with 95% of the audience being of European or North American descent… it was entertaining none-the-less.
  • The large fish pond at the front of the pool.  The fish (perhaps Japanese Koi) were quite large and were often fed some scraps of bread (at least by our family).  Lucia, as is typical for her with any animal, immediately became completely enamoured and could not walk in to, or out of, the hotel without stopping to watch the fish.
  • A pony ride for the girls on the beach.  When Milo and Lucky stopped to releave themselves, the girls both noted that they were male horses.
  • Trying out some of the food from the street vendors in the hectic night market – plates of Pad Thai ($1), Chicken Satay skewers ($0.75), and some nutella and banana roti (pancakes) ($1).  So far so good – no stomach issues.  Although working around the kid’s restricted menu options continues to be a real challenge … but for some reason they absolutely loved the banana and nutella roti!
  • As we shuffled slowly around town, finding breezy open-air restaurants serving italian, or scandanavian food, and even some real italian-style gelato (locally made but some key ingredients flown in from Italy) offered a much needed break. 
  • Did we mention it is very hot here?

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  1. What an interesting experience for the girls! Did you know that pets (including fish) are said to increase academic performance up to 10%! It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how the educational portion of your trip, the transition, and performance once you’ve been at it a while. It might also inspire other parents to give the gift of experience to their kids. Bravo!

  2. Irena permalink

    Such fun stories! I can’t believe the tuk-tuk ride through the water fight….yikes!!!

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